Sunglasses crafted from 500 year old water recovered timber

Harvested in the 1800s and reclaimed from the depths of Canadian waters. Originally lost in the logging boom, this wood has rested undisturbed under water until now, achieving an unparalleled beauty, quality, and character.

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Aged for 500+ Years

The journey of Loch began more than 500 years ago when North American forests were teeming with massive old-growth virgin timbers.  These unspoiled trees were harvested by our settlers during the logging boom and floated down the fast moving rivers to the Great Lakes; but not all survived the journey.
Old Growth wood is stronger than modern lumber.
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Water-Reclaimed Wood

Sinking to the bottom they were preserved in the near zero oxygen environment, achieving unparalleled beauty, quality and character, while also increasing in strength. Undisturbed these timbers lay… until now.
Water makes the wood stronger.
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Canadian Craftsmanship

The quest for sustainability began with a decision to not chop down trees in the making of Loch wooden products. An obsession with perfection yielded a unique process to create high quality personal effects capable of countering our disposable culture’s product-to-landfill cycle. Finally, sustainability means a symbiotic business ecosystem with our suppliers and customers supporting one another on a local level.
No trees chopped down in the making of Lochs.
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Form and Function

Conceived from a proprietary cross-grained lamination technique under thousands of pounds of pressure are eyeglass frames of deceptive strength and discerning style.
As unique as you are with 100s of style variations.
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Small Batch Quality

Renowned Redtenbacher Austrian hinges coupled with individually measured and bevelled custom tinted lenses adorn the ancient water-reclaimed wooden frames.
Strong hinges and a formfitting frame for the perfect fit.
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