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None. Using old growth water-reclaimed wood not only helps us take a stand against deforestation and the destruction of eco-systems, but provides us with a stronger and more beautiful wood compared to new lumber.

The lumber used to build Loch sunglasses has been resting under the depths of the Great Lakes for up to 200 years! Massive timbers are literally dredged up from the depths, dried and milled into a material boasting a unique quality and character exclusive to water-reclaimed wood. This water-reclaimed wood was originally harvested by our settlers up to 200 years ago during the logging boom and floated down the fast flowing tributaries to the Great lakes. Not all the logs made the journey and sunk to the bottom. The old-growth, water-restored lumber in Loch sunglasses began growing between 1000 and 1500 AD making the wood in your sunglasses between 500 and 1000 yeas old!

Most new lumber is cut down from tree farms that produce wood as quickly as possible. Loch sunglasses are made from old growth wood that has many important advantages ultimately leading to a higher quality pair of sunglasses. Old growth virgin forests were densely packed creating more competition among trees for light and water. These trees therefore, grew more slowly creating very tight growth rings. Compared to similar species or wood from today’s tree farms, the old-growth wood in your Lochs are:

  • Stronger – tighter growth rings means stronger frames
  • More Stable – the denseness of the wood means less expansion and contraction from moisture
  • More Water Resistant – a greater proportion of late season wood to early season wood means old-growth wood is more water resistant.
  • STRONG: Lochs start with some of the strongest old-growth wood around. Old growth wood has tighter growth rings than new wood making it stronger and more stable.
  • STRONGER: The water-reclaimed wood in Loch sunglasses has been sitting in at the bottom of the Great Lakes for up to 200 years. Through a natural process, the relatively oxygen-free waters of the Great lakes has preserved and perfected these timbers by replacing the bio-matter in the cells with water, which is than removed during the drying process. We are left with millions of hollow cells in the lumber that ultimately leads to a stronger wood with a stain or color that cannot be duplicated in new lumber.
  • STRONGEST: Lastly, using a proprietary process, Loch frames are cross-grained and pressed making them super strong compared to most wood sunglasses frames. The strength properties granted from such a process simply make for a stronger frame compared to frames made from one piece of lumber.
  • Please note that while Loch frames are made as strong as possible, eyewear is always to be handled carefully.

Loch uses a variety of high clarity, scratch resistant and breakage resistant lenses depending on the colours and coatings selected. The lenses are of the highest quality, measured and cut separately for each frame and installed in Canada.

Loch glasses come equipped with Redtenbacher Austrian-made five-barrel hinges. These hinges are simply some of the strongest and best quality hinges in the world.

Yes! Loch sunglasses are made from 500+ year old wood hauled up from the bottom of the Great Lakes. Furthermore, specialty wood types such as “birdesye maple” and “flame birch” offer characteristics simply not found in new wood. No two pieces of wood or the same meaning no two pairs of Loch sunglasses are identical. The unique character and unparalleled beauty of our 500+ year old water-reclaimed wood is to be celebrated. The qualities of our wood provide for an exclusive product sought out by those who are not satisfied with the status-quo eyewear. Therefore, please use product photos as a guide to what your pair of Loch’s will look like, but not an exact representation of the final product.

In order to extend the life of your Lochs, do not leave them exposed to the elements or submerged underwater for extended periods of time.   Loch uses a natural hard-wax oil to protect the wood. Should you notice signs of wear, please contact


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  • Yes, because we want you to be totally satisfied! Please contact to start the process.
  • Please note that the original purchase must be in brand new condition and returned with the original packaging and proof of purchase. Returns must be postmarked for return within 30 days of the original order dispatch date.
  • Shipping and handling fees cannot be refunded.


Most in-stock items ship in 1-3 business days, while some small or large frames, and certain specialty lenses may require 3-5 business days before being dispatched. At checkout you will have the option to pay for faster shipping services but please note the estimated shipping times are approximations only and do not account for the time before the item ships. If you need your item in a rush please contact us.

Yes we do. Please add your item to the cart to see if we ship to your region.


When your order ships you should receive a tracking number. Please use this tracking number to track your shipment. If your order says it has arrived but you have not received it, or if it indicates the order has been lost, please contact the Loch support team:

It is not possible for Loch to predict the exact customs fees, duties or taxes on orders. Loch is not responsible for additional duties and/or taxes charged to the purchaser after entry into another country and/or state.   However, please contact us for any questions in this regard as we can offer advice on how to anticipate any additional fees.

Loch insures your shipment for damage and/or loss. If an item is deemed to be damaged or lost by the delivery service a new item will be sent to you. Please note this only applies when Loch has initiated the shipment.


  • Loch warrants its sunglasses against breakage due to defects in material and workmanship for two years from the date of purchase. Scratched lenses are considered normal wear and are not covered under warranty.
  • If service is required and you are a Loch customer, please contact Loch at to initiate the process.


Yes.  Please contact our wholesale team at