We produce high quality, sustainable eye wear and fashionable accessories

Made from 500+ year old timber

Reclaimed from the depths of Canadian waters

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No trees are chopped down in the making of Lochs. We are the only wooden sunglasses manufacturers to exclusively use water-reclaimed wood. This means that Loch doesn’t contribute to the deforestation of lands and eco-systems or the importation of bamboo and other exotic woods through wasteful transportation networks. It isn’t easy to use reclaimed materials, but it is the right thing to do.


Loch uses a mixture of technology and handcrafted expertise to produce the world’s first 500+ year-old water-reclaimed wooden frames. Through a scientific process called “dendrochronology” which involves the reading of the growth rings in a log, we can guarantee that the wood used in Lochs is at least 500 years old. Old-growth wood is known to be stronger and more stable compared to new wood that is grown for speed and cut down too early.


Poorly made products are a huge burden on our landfills. Purchasing quality products breaks this wasteful cycle and is an effective way to live well without compromising the Earth. We choose to take our time focusing on the details for an exquisite product, rather than going the route of mass production. In doing so we are saying, “yes” to small-scale manufacturing and job creation.

The Brand

Lochs are meticulously crafted in Canada from 500+ year-old timber that was harvested in the 1800s and reclaimed from the depths of the Great Lakes. Originally lost in the logging boom, this wood has rested undisturbed under water until now, achieving an unparalleled beauty, quality, and character. Loch utilizes proprietary handmade processes to create the perfect harmony of natural products and aesthetic engineering. Experience your world through Lochs.

The Vision

Loch strives to produce high quality, sustainable eyewear and fashionable accessories made from 500+ year-old timber reclaimed from the depths of Canada’s waters. Loch is constantly seeking out new ideas and opportunities in the natural materials sphere and to be at the forefront of global movement to a greener, healthier Earth and lifestyle.

We know what we like, what defines us, and are confident of other’s perceptions – we persuade and love to be bold with a proper cause. We use eyewear for protection, but more importantly as a statement of who we are and what we believe. We love to know we are playing a part, as perfect as it can be, as stewards of the Earth.